Maximizing Recovery Groups Facilitator Guide
Maximizing Recovery Groups Facilitator Guide

Maximizing Recovery Groups Facilitator Guide

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Your guide for running an effective session with the Discovery Cards — for counselors, peer support providers, educators, and more

Uses the R1 Maximizing Recovery Groups Model

TOPIC: Maximizing Recovery Groups — How can I play well with others?

Groups are typically the cornerstone to one's recovery. Understanding how best to participate in group settings helps both the group and the individuals within it. This card deck (and companion Facilitator Guide) offers strategies to maximize participation and learning. You can identify what you currently do well (individually or as a group) and areas that you can improve over time. In either case, increased engagement and learning for you and the group will likely result.

Facilitator Guide — An essential companion to the Discovery Cards, the Facilitator Guide provides group leaders with everything needed to run structured, action-oriented sessions, including activity worksheets, and coaching tips. Discovery Cards are simple, practical, and impactful and increase engagement. Using color-coded categorized cards, group members will self-discover how they can improve their individual and group effectiveness in running recovery group meetings. Discovery Cards increase engagement, participation, and self-discovery and spark great discussions in recovery group settings. For the best experience, buy a Group Kit, which includes everything you need to run an effective session.

  • Facilitator Guide includes:
    • Model overview
    • Card deck summary
    • Activity instructions and worksheets
    • Coaching tips
  • Specs
    • Twenty (20) pages
    • Width: 8.5 x Height: 11.0 inches
    • Saddle-stitched printed guide
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: R1 Recovery First