Co-occurring Disorders Facilitator Guide
Co-occurring Disorders Facilitator Guide

Co-occurring Disorders Facilitator Guide

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Your guide for running an effective session with the Discovery Cards — for practitioners and educators at every level of knowledge, skill, and experience 

Evidenced-Based Model: Uses the SAMHSA Co-occurring Disorders Classifications

TOPIC: Co-occurring Disorders — What do I need to address now?

Substance use disorder may occur alongside other conditions. Recovery may reveal the existence of conditions that have contributed to your addiction or that may have been masked by active substance use. This card deck (and companion Facilitator Guide) touches on several categories of co-occurring disorders and offers tools on how to address these within recovery. Many times, you can combine two or more treatment modalities to increase the chances of overcoming these challenges.

Facilitator Guide — An essential companion to the Discovery Cards, the Facilitator Guide provides group leaders with everything needed to run structured, action-oriented sessions, including activity worksheets, and coaching tips. Discovery Cards are simple, practical, and impactful and increase engagement. Using behavior-based color-coded cards, group members will self-discover which co-disorders make up their entire addictive system. Card activities spur group members to set priorities and goals for addressing. Discovery Cards increase engagement, participation, and self-discovery and spark great discussions in recovery group settings. For the best experience, buy a Group Kit, which includes everything you need to run an effective session.

  • Facilitator Guide includes:
    • Model overview
    • Card deck summary
    • Activity instructions and worksheets
    • Coaching tips
  • Specs
    • Twenty (20) pages
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    • Saddle-stitched printed guide
    • Language: English
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