Trauma-Informed Care (ME/WE) Facilitator Guide — 1 guide
Trauma-Informed Care (ME/WE) Facilitator Guide — 1 guide
Trauma-Informed Care (ME/WE) Facilitator Guide — 1 guide

Trauma-Informed Care (ME/WE) Facilitator Guide — 1 guide

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Everything you need to run an effective session with the Discovery Cards — for practitioners and educators at every level of knowledge, skill, and experience 

Evidence-Based Model: Uses the 6 Guiding Principles Model from SAMHSA and Centers of Disease Control (CDC)

TOPIC: Trauma-Informed Care (ME/WE) — How do I/we instill the principles in practice?

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Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Adopting a TIC approach is not accomplished through any single technique, training, or checklist. Effective trauma-informed care requires constant awareness, attention, caring, sensitivity, and possibly a cultural change at the organizational level. On-going individual and organizational assessment of the 6 Guiding Principles will help embed this approach into daily practices. The purpose of this R1 Learning topic is to help organizations, staff, and practitioners assess services in conjunction with SAMHSA’s TIC 6 Guiding Principles and improve the outcomes for individuals served.

Facilitator Guide includes one Facilitator Guide – everything you need to run an effective session. Buy additional card decks to match your typical group size. Using behavior-based and color-categorized cards, group members will gain a deeper understanding of 6 Guiding Principles and 3 Environment Types. The Facilitator Guide provides group leaders with everything needed to run structured, action-oriented sessions, including activity worksheets, and coaching tips. Discovery Cards increase engagement, participation, and self-discovery and spark great discussions in group settings. Buy today, and improve your engagement and outcomes.

Topic Kit includes:

  • One Facilitator Guide, which includes:
    • Model overview
    • Card deck summary
    • Activity instructions and worksheets
    • Coaching tips
  • Specs
    • Forty-four (48) pages
    • Width: 8.5 x Height: 11.0 inches
    • Saddle-stitched printed guide
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: R1 Publishing LLC