Fidelity Meetings (1-hour)

Fidelity Meetings (1-hour)

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Increase your knowledge, skill, and effectiveness to deliver the R1 Learning System

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Each week R1 will facilitate one Discovery Cards topic to illustrate how to increase client engagement with evidence-based treatment strategies and build individual’s abilities for self-motivated change.

The R1 Learning Process provides a structured method for building people’s skills for change.  Grounded in the fundamentals of learning and self-motivation theory, the Process provides a common framework for giving individuals effective tools for recovery, personal growth, and wellness.

Target Audience: Open to all levels of practitioners (Clinicians, Recovery Coaches, Peer Support, and Educators)

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply fundamentals of learning theory to increase engagement with evidence-based strategies.
  • Learn about the R1 Learning System and best practices for engagement, implementation, and adoption
  • Learn how to use the R1 Discovery Cards to facilitate group and one-on-one sessions

Required Materials: One Topic Kit ($64.95 value) is included in the price and will be shipped to participants prior to the session. The Topic Kit includes the Discovery Cards Deck and Facilitator Guide. These materials will be used during the session.

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