Emotions & Feelings Facilitator Guide
Emotions & Feelings Facilitator Guide
Emotions & Feelings Facilitator Guide

Emotions & Feelings Facilitator Guide

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Your guide for running an effective session with the Discovery Cards — for counselors, peer support providers, educators, and more

Uses the 8 Core Emotions Model — Drawn from Plutchick, Handel, Mellody, and Gorski — Anger, Fear, Pain, Shame, Guilt, Joy, Strength, Love

TOPIC: Emotions & Feelings — How can I practice emotional regulation?

Coping effectively with life and creating healthy relationships are signs of emotional well-being. Healthy regulation of emotions and feelings is central toward this goal. All emotions and feelings, even uncomfortable ones, have a purpose. They are also the earliest indicators of unrest or disturbances related to people, places, things, or situations. If unregulated, they often precede and fuel unhealthy behaviors. This card deck will help you explore and communicate what you are feeling. It also provides healthy coping strategies to help regulate your emotions. Allowing yourself to feel all emotions is healthy. Sharing your feelings with others can help you deal with difficult situations.

Facilitator Guide — An essential companion to the Discovery Cards, the Facilitator Guide provides group leaders with everything needed to run structured, action-oriented sessions, including activity worksheets, and coaching tips. Discovery Cards are simple, practical, and impactful and increase engagement. Using color-coded categorized cards, group members will learn a model for Emotions & Feelings, what they are feeling in different situations, so they can better regulate their emotions. Discovery Cards increase engagement, participation, and self-discovery and spark great discussions in recovery group settings. For the best experience, buy a Group Kit, which includes everything you need to run an effective session.

  • Facilitator Guide includes:
    • Model overview
    • Card deck summary
    • Activity instructions and worksheets
    • Coaching tips
  • Specs
    • Twenty (20) pages
    • Width: 8.5 x Height: 11.0 inches
    • Saddle-stitched printed guide
    • Language: English
    • Publisher: R1 Recovery First