Recovery Capital Facilitator Guide
Recovery Capital Facilitator Guide

Recovery Capital Facilitator Guide

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Your guide for running an effective session with the Discovery Cards — for practitioners and educators at every level of knowledge, skill, and experience

Evidenced-Based Model: Uses the Recovery Capital Model (REC-CAP Model) by Dr. David Best – Personal, Social, Community, Emotional, Commitment, Well-being, Barriers, Unmet Needs

TOPIC: Recovery Capital — What do I need to build to sustain my recovery?

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Recovery Capital refers to the internal and external resources necessary to achieve and maintain recovery. It recognizes that a variety of elements - personal, family, social, community - can support or jeopardize recovery depending on how we use our capital. This card deck (and companion Facilitator Guide) will help you assess what capital you've developed and how to build more over time. Identifying your strong and weak areas can help you build a solid foundation in recovery.

Facilitator Guide — An essential companion to the Discovery Cards, the Facilitator Guide provides group leaders with everything needed to run structured, action-oriented sessions, including activity worksheets, and coaching tips. Discovery Cards are simple, practical, impactful, and increase engagement. Using behavioral-based and color-categorized cards, individuals will discover their Recovery Capital and assess their strengths and needs for achieving success. Discovery Cards increase engagement, participation, and self-discovery and spark great discussions in recovery group settings. For the best experience, buy a Group Kit, which includes everything you need to run an effective session.

  • Facilitator Guide includes:
    • Model overview
    • Card deck summary
    • Activity instructions and worksheets
    • Coaching tips
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    • Forty-eight (48) pages
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    • Saddle-stitched printed guide
    • Language: English
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