On-Site Observation, Co-Facilitation, or Coaching (1-hour)

On-Site Observation, Co-Facilitation, or Coaching (1-hour)

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Increase your knowledge, skill, and effectiveness to deliver the R1 Learning System

 The R1 Learning Process provides a structured method for building people’s skills for change.  Grounded in the fundamentals of learning and self-motivation theory, the Process provides a common framework for giving individuals effective tools for recovery, personal growth, and wellness.

Target Audience: Open to all levels of practitioners (Clinicians, Recovery Coaches, Peer Support, and Educators)

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply fundamentals of learning theory to increase engagement with evidence-based strategies.
  • Learn about the R1 Learning System and best practices for engagement, implementation, and adoption
  • Learn how to use the R1 Discovery Cards to facilitate group and one-on-one sessions

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